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Housewarming Party Planner

Welcome the new blessing with happiness; it’s a new beginning to enrich the new house - Best Housewarming Party Planner in Coimbatore

We are leading in managing housewarming party in and around Coimbatore. Moving into a new house is a wonderful feeling. Hosting a housewarming party is a great way to fill the house with family and friends. It’s just a simple get – together so that you can call your friends and relatives to show off your new interiors and rooms.

We make your party will be more enjoyable and interesting one if your guests list includes people from different generations, your friends and family, and especially your new neighbors, even if you haven’t had the chance to meet yet. You get a perfect chance to meet your neighbors at the party.

And we make necessary arrangements like pooja pandit, decorations, pandhal, catering, chanta melam, melam vathiyam, celebrity arrangements, furnitures and gifts. Coimbatore Event Management provides decorations and arrangements for both flats housewarming and villas housewarming. We also handle services at Sulur, Pollachi, Coonoor, Karur ,Mettupalayam and also in Tamilnadu.

Housewarming Party Event Management Services

invitation cards

Invitation Cards

We design a potpourri of warm and fun invitation cards for every occasion you plan to celebrate, whether it is baby birth, baptism, business invites, religious occasions, farewell, parties, inauguration, betrothal, wedding etc.

pooja pandit

Pooja Pandit

Griha Pravesh or the house warming ritual is a traditional Hindu ritual that is conducted when the owner and his family enter their place of abode primarily for the first time. It is the traditional house blessing comprises the chanting of mantras.

cow & calf walk

Cow and Calf Walk

The bringing of cow inside a newly built house is also known as Govardhana pooja for the word "Go" means cow and "Vardhana" means nourishment. Once it enters it removes poverty and it bless the family members & brings good health and wealth etc

photo & video shoot

Photo & Video Shoot

Shooting an event can be a real challenge but our professional photographer capture every feeling, action, love and gives touch to every single pic. It becomes more real than reality and caught on film is captured forever.

catering service

Catering Supply

Our caterers can deliver the party food. We can also make necessary plates, cups, napkins & decorations delivered to your hall. We create a unique taste in your heart with our catering service and food is served with love.


Return Gifts

Return Gifts for Kids should be unique & we offer gift from a range of collections and wrapped with bunch of love and affection. This is the best way to say "thank you" in a memorable way to your guests for coming, and sharing a special occasion.